Insect screens

Fixed screens

Fixed screensYour home needs not only high quality windows but needs high quality insect protection as well. Insect screens for windows and doors require almost no maintenance at all. Frames and screens are manufactured from high quality materials which ensure long life of the final product. The screen is produced from fiberglass which is fire resistant and doesn't stop the sunlight. For onstallation of the fixed screens outside access to the window is required.

Opening screens

Opening screensOpening insect screens are manufactured from aluminium profiles and fibreglass screen. They are attached to the windows by hinges with tight springs which close the screen autmaticaly. There's additional magnet to keep the screen securely closed.

Roll screens

Roll screensRoll insect screens consist of aluminium casing which cover the screen when rolled, and side guides that hold the screen taut when lowered. The screen can be rolled and hidden when neccessary. There's no need to remove the screen and store it in the winter.