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Аланни - производство на дограма и стъклопакет"Alanni" with manufacturing facilities in the town of Sliven offers production of double glazing with argon and with a height of 2.2 meters. "Alanni" is official representative of the Bulgarian profile systems "WEISSPROFIL" , produced by Austrian technology.




Quality with advanced performance. As a qualified manufacturer we use advanced window technologies of leading brands. It is not accidental that by this moment are prduced over 100 million PVC windows and doors. With advanced PVC systems we and our clients have gained extensive experience. We have a range of over 1200 window frames, moldings and subsidiary accounts which we can fulfill and most unusual window shapes. Choose your color. Our set of profiles for windows and doors together the diverse palette of colors represents one whole. Because PVC windows can be produced not only in white or brown or color of wood but in all the desired colors like purple, scuba blue, yellow and many other desirable shades. Qualities determine your choice - Very beautiful PVC frames - Multi chamber / 3.4 and 5 / PVC system with a stable fit and optimal isolation - Special durable Double seal prevents movement - significantly reducing heating costs and environmental pollution - Comfort and convenience through optimal insulation - Materials absolutely resistant to weather and aging - no need of painting - Smooth, hygienic surface, easy maintenance - Ideal stability using metal reinforcement under the standards for PVC windows - Modern Tranquility glass insulation through the house contributes to the quality of life !




All "Alanni" products have factory quality certificates and meet all European standards and safety requirements.





Quality warranties


"Alanni" gives its clients the following warranty periods:


1. Glazing leaks: 10 years

2. Mechanism functionality: 5 years

3. Installation quality: 3 years