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Аланни - производство на стъклопкет

Our production base is spread on 4500 square meters, allowing the deployment of cutting-edge technologies that help us to rapidly satisfy every your wish with high quality products. Automated assembly line for production of PVC windows and double glazing help us to achieve quality finished product. Qualified personnel in each stage of the production process satisfy all your requirements, because we know that development and success is directly dependent on our honesty and trust of our clients. Striving for perfection has led to the deployment of an effective system of quality management as a result of which Alanni is certified by ISO 9001: 2000! The effectiveness of the manufacturing sector largely depends both on the upgraded machines - the latest generation and the skill, dexterity and rigor of qualified staff. With the aim of high quality are formed four separate units / departments in which very precisely and accurately we produce the final products.
Аланни - производство на стъклопкет Аланни - производство на дограма Аланни - производство на дограма Аланни - производство на дограма