PVC windows and doors "KMG"

High quality doors and windows manufactured with KMG profile systems

Profile "KMG" (KRAUSS MAFFEI and GRAINER) is produced under a joint project between the Austrian company "Greiner Exstrusiontechnik", the German company "Krauss Maffei" and the Bulgarian company ALTEST with manufacturing facilities in the city of Bourgas. PVC window frames meet the European standards for surface gloss. Testing results demonstrated its excellent performance in heat, humidity and noise.

Structure of the profiles does not allow burning and deformation, it is insensitive to the environment - do not contain lead, preventing water retention, stains and dust. Special double seal and drainage holes are additional pros. KMG PVC profiles are resistant to seasonal changes and do not need painting and maintenance. They are protected from acids, хъдроьидес, salts and wear. Profiles are resistant to corrosion when used in conditions of high temperature and humidity. With their characteristic non-vibrating material and heat-mounted angles, windows manufactured with "KMG" profiles drastically reduce external noise.

Four - chamber PVC system "Prestige" Six - chamber PVC system "Prelude"